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FAQ nei newsgroup. Dato che con la crescita di un newsgroup ci sono domande che tendono a ripetersi, normalmente le risposte a queste domande vengono raccolte per evitare di dire sempre le stesse cose. Quasi tutti i newsgroup hanno una FAQ, che abitualmente, per i newsgroup it.*, viene pubblicata sul gruppo stesso e su un gruppo apposito (it.faq) con una certa regolarità. È norma di buona. For Wikipedia's FAQs, see Wikipedia:FAQ. An FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers on a particular topic (also known as Questions and Answers [Q&A] or Frequently Asked Questions) Aiuto:FAQ/Cosa. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Wikipedia non è un dizionario Wikipedia non è un giornale Niente Per inserire su Wikipedia tuoi materiali (testi o file che siano) precedentemente pubblicati altrove, è importante concederne l'uso a Wikipedia preventivamente,. Realizzare un'interfaccia di modifica moderna per Wikipedia e i progetti fratelli è una bella sfida, ma è possibile affrontarla adoperando tecnologie e standard web moderni. Sfortunatamente alcuni browser non supportano caratteristiche necessarie per il funzionamento di VisualEditor

Editing most Wikipedia pages is easy, just click the Edit tab at the top of a Wikipedia page (or on a section-edit link).This will take you to a new page with a text box containing the editable text of the page you were viewing. In this box you can type in the text that you want to add using wiki markup to format the text and add other elements like images and tables Contributing FAQ - Why you might want to contribute to the Wikipedia project, and how you can do it. Editing FAQ - The ins and outs of creating and editing Wikipedia pages. Administration FAQ - What an administrator (or sysop) is, sysop status, and server administration. Blocks FAQ - Information about blocks FAQ è l'abbreviazione di «Frequently Asked Questions» (domande frequenti). È un documento o una sezione di un sito web che ha una lunghezza variabile e che risponde alle domande che, più frequentemente, sono fatte su un argomento specifico Wikipedia è un'enciclopedia online, libera e collaborativa.. Grazie al contributo di volontari da tutto il mondo, Wikipedia è disponibile in oltre 300 lingue. Chiunque può contribuire alle voci esistenti o crearne di nuove, affrontando sia gli argomenti tipici delle enciclopedie tradizionali sia quelli presenti in almanacchi, dizionari geografici e pubblicazioni specialistiche

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  1. Wikipedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other projects. Download Wikipedia for Android or iOS Save your favorite articles to read offline, sync your reading lists across devices and customize your reading experience with the official Wikipedia app
  2. This template creates an FAQ sub-page on an article page or talk page. The FAQ heading will appear on the top of the associated page before that page's content, and as it is a link to a sub-page, its content does not become archived at a later date (though it can always be removed, of course)
  3. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia which is free to use and edit. It is available in many different languages and on many devices. The content of Wikipedia is free to reproduce under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-SA) and the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), except for some images. Who writes Wikipedia
  4. FAQ (zkratka anglického výrazu Frequently Asked Questions, v překladu často kladené dotazy; občas se — s mírně humorným nádechem — používá česká zkratka ČKD), je dokument obsahující seznam otázek a odpovědí, které se ohledně nějaké problematiky často vyskytují a jsou pro ni typické.. Dokumenty FAQ vznikly na Internetu, konkrétně v Usenetových diskusních.
  5. On line le FAQ relative alle misure in vigore a partire dal 4 maggio
  6. FAQ - definizione, significato, pronuncia audio, sinonimi e più ancora. Che cosa è FAQ? 1. abbreviation for frequently asked question: a question in a list of questions and answers: Vedi di più ancora nel dizionario Inglese - Cambridge Dictionar
  7. Per le Faq sulle misure in vigore dal 4 maggio si veda la sezione Fase 2 - Domande frequenti sulle misure adottate dal Govern

D'FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions enthält, opgedeelt op verschidde Säiten, Äntwerten op heefeg Froen zu der Wikipedia. Wann Der nei bei der Wikipedia sidd, kënnt Der Iech och eis Begréissungssäit ukucken. Wann Är Fro hei net beäntwert ass, kënnt Der se op eiser Froesäit stellen - do kann Iech dann en anere Wikipedianer weiderhëllefen.. Wikipedia . FAQ (plural FAQs) A list of questions said to be frequently asked, and their answers. This site's FAQ says you should log in to access some pages. Translations . acronym for Frequently Asked Questions Scopri cosa significa il termine FAQ. Consulta il glossario dei termini informatici e tecnologici di Ehiweb.it faq: s.f. pl. INFORM Repertorio delle domande di carattere tecnico-operativo, con relativa risposta e soluzione, poste più di frequente, attraverso Intern.. 讀無白話字?請看Wikipedia:FAQ/Hàn-jī. Che sī Wikipedia ê FAQ, tī chia lia̍t chhut siōng chia̍p mn̄g ê būn-tê kap hôe-tap. Ka-sú lí ū koan-hē tha̍k-siá ê būn-tê, chhiáⁿ chham-khó Án-chóaⁿ-siá kap Án-chóaⁿ-tha̍k chit 2 phiⁿ

Tante wiki łe ga anca na pàjina dedicà pa' rancurar i comenti; te trovi ła lista so Wikidata, mentre ła pàjina de feedback prinsipałe ła xe so mediawiki.org. Te pol doparar invese Discussion_Wikipedia:VisualEditor/FAQ par far prexenti eventuałi dimande che te vurisi 'ver trovà so sta FAQ ma che no łe ghe xe Although this, like most ordering issues in Wikipedia, is a matter for judgment, it is generally clear that some categories - for example the birthplace or birth year of a person - are less important than others, such as their status as an Oscar or Nobel Prize winner. (See also Wikipedia:Categorization of people#Categorisation schemes. Instead, Wikipedia is supported by its readers - people who find value in Wikipedia and want to continue to support its success, with the average donation being about $15 USD. This financial model enables Wikipedia to remain neutral, trusted, and free from commercial interests FAQ. Jump to navigation Jump to search This page was last edited on 4 June 2011, at 20:08. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License About Wikipedia 10; Disclaimers; Mobile view; Developers; Statistics; Cookie statement. wikipedia org. FAQ. Cerca informazioni mediche. American Civil War. Scienza dell'informazione

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When Wikipedia has one or more articles about a word or phrase, you can add {} in a Further reading section at the end of the entry, just before the categories: ===Further reading=== * {{pedia}} This produces: Help:FAQ on Wikipedia. Wikipedia ; See Template talk:pedia for more information FAQ is an abbreviation for Frequently Asked Question(s). The term is used for a list questions and answers.All of the questions are supposed to be asked often and they all are about the same thing. Since the acronym was first used in written form, there are different ways it is said; both fak and F.A.Q. are commonly used

Wikipedia invites you to imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. Today, hundreds of millions of people read Wikipedia every month, and they represent a wide diversity of ethnicities, nationalities, ages, socioeconomic conditions, sexual orientations, religions, values and attitudes Wikipedia:FAQ. Sauter à la navigation Sauter à la recherche. Chal pa dzo ene djivêye des kesses les pus corantes, avou ene coûte response. Des pus longowès responses si trovèt dins ds ôtes årtikes. Si vos avoz ene kesse. Who profits from this shop? 100% of the proceeds from the Wikipedia store go to the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects. The profits are earmarked toward our Merchandise Giveaways Program to reward those who have made an impact on the projects. Wh 1 Le domande più frequenti in materia di diritto d'autore. 1.1 Se fotografo, fotocopio, scannerizzo o ridisegno un'opera protetta da copyright, come ad esempio una stampa, un ritratto, un fumetto, la fotografia di un quadro, la copertina di un cd, posso poi caricarle su Wikipedia come pubblico dominio o con altra licenza libera?; 1.2 Perché sulla Wikipedia in inglese ci sono tantissime. FAQ, F.A.Q. (акроним Frequently Asked Question(s) -көп кайталанган суроолор, алар мындай деп окулат - «фак», «фэк», «фэкс», «эф-эй-кью»).. Кандайдыр бир багыт боюнча дайыма берилген суроолорго жоопту камтыган тармактык файл

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Wikipedia is available in hundreds of languages. Each Wikipedia has thousands of articles, some with more than others. English Wikipedia is the largest with more than 6M articles. It could be that the article you are looking for has not been created or translated to your language yet. Readability and accessibility . Can I change the font size (Redirected from Wikipedia:About Here are some frequently asked questions (or questions we anticipate will be frequently asked) about the Wikipedia 10 wiki. For more discussion concerning this wiki or to ask further questions, please visit the Village Pump or the mailing list

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FAQ, plenius frequenter allatae quaestiones (ex verbis Anglicis frequently asked questions), sunt quaestiones et responsa inscripta, saepe in paginis deputatis allata. Haec pagina est stipula, si potes! Novissima mutatio die 2 Ianuarii 2017 hora 20:25 facta. Nonobstantibus ceteris condicionibus. wikipedia diritto. FAQ. Cerca informazioni mediche. I risultati della ricerca indicano una presenza costante e consistente di pagine provenienti da Wikipedia tra i top 10 dei risultati gratuiti dei motori di ricerca.(achille.name)achille.name Given that oniebodie can eedit onie airticle, it is, o coorse, possible fer biased, oot-o-date, or oncorrect information tae be postit. Houever, acause thaur's sae monie ither fowk readin the airticles an monitorin contreebutions uisin the Recent Chynges page, oncorrect information is uisuallie correctit quickly. Thus, the oweraw accuracie o the encyclopaedia is improivin aw the time The Wikimedia Foundation is the nonprofit that hosts Wikipedia and our other free knowledge projects. We want to make it easier for everyone to share what they know. To do this, we keep Wikipedia and Wikimedia sites fast, reliable, and available to all. We protect the values and policies that allow free knowledge to thrive Category:Wikipedia FAQ. From Wikipedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This category contains pages in the help namespace and help pages in the project namespace. It should not be used to categorise articles or pages in other namespaces

Argomenti delle FAQ. In questa pagina troveranno le risposte alle domande più frequenti i volontari avviati a partire dai bandi al 20 agosto 2018 e dal Bando 2019 (Domanda on Line) a seguire. I volontari avviati con bandi antecedenti ai bandi 20 agosto 2018, potranno consultare le FAQ a questo Link Jimmy Wales - Co-fondatore di Wikipedia Wikimedia Italia è il capitolo nazionale del movimento Wikimedia. Wikimedia Italia (WMI) è un'associazione di promozione sociale che dal 2005 favorisce il miglioramento e l'avanzamento del sapere e della cultura. 15 anni di attività da poco festeggiati Wikipedia-FAQ-Sammlung FAQ fir Lieser | FAQ fir déi, déi matschaffen | FAQ fir d'Administratioun | Diskussiounssäite FAQ | Biller FAQ | Technesch FAQ | Rechtleches. Dës Säit gouf de(n) 15. Dezember 2019 um 12:18 Auer fir d'lescht geännert Masalan: Internet FAQ Consortium Bu maqola vikilashtirilishi kerak. Iltimos, bu maqolani Vikipediya qoida va yoʻllanmalariga muvofiq tartibga keltiring. Bu sahifa oxirgi marta 27-Iyul 2020, 14:41 da tahrir qilingan. Matn Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike litsenziyasi.

Perché sostenerci? Operiamo per diffondere il sapere libero e per sostenere i progetti Wikimedia, contenitori e generatori del sapere libero, come Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.; Come la Wikimedia Foundation, Inc, ci finanziamo con le quote associative degli iscritti e con le donazioni che riceviamo.; Crediamo che la garanzia di un sapere libero e a disposizione di tutti sia un obiettivo. Wikipedia-FAQ-Sammlung FAQ fir Lieser | FAQ fir déi, déi matschaffen | FAQ fir d'Administratioun Et gëtt dofir (nach) keng direkt Methode. Dir musst d'Bild vun der englescher Wikipedia op ärem Computer späicheren an da frësch op déi lëtzebuergesch Wikipedia eroplueden. Als Source (op der Descriptiounssäit vum Bild). is a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world. Through various projects, chapters, and the support structure of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia strives to bring about a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.. Welcome to Wikimedia Wikipedia-FAQ-Sammlung FAQ fir Lieser | FAQ fir déi, déi matschaffen | FAQ fir d'Administratioun | Diskussiounssäite FAQ | Biller FAQ | Technesch FAQ | Rechtleches. Dës Säit gouf de(n) 31. Dezember 2017 um 22:28 Auer fir d'lescht geännert Wikipedia-FAQ-Sammlung FAQ fir Lieser | FAQ fir déi, déi matschaffen | FAQ fir d'Administratioun | Diskussiounssäite FAQ | Biller FAQ | Technesch FAQ | Rechtleches. Dës Säit gouf de(n) 7. August 2015 um 08:44 Auer fir d'lescht geännert

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Wikipedia:FAQ. Sauter à la navigation Sauter à la recherche. Manahoana. Nanana fanontaniana momba ny wikipedia ve ianao ? Apetraho eto ilay izy ! Na vangio ny Bistro Soniavo ny resakao : Ampetraho ny tilda efatra (~~~~) Fanovana ny Wiki Ahoana ny manova pejy. Ahoana ny mampiditra sary. Zom. Quale legge ha introdotto l'Art bonus? Il decreto-legge 31 maggio 2014, n. 83, convertito con modificazioni nella legge 29 luglio 2014, n. 106, ha introdotto tra l'altro, nell'ambito delle disposizioni urgenti per la tutela del patrimonio culturale, lo sviluppo della cultura e il rilancio del turismo, un credito di imposta per favorire le erogazioni liberali a sostegno della cultura.

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  1. Faqet në kategorinë Wikipedia FAQ Kjo kategori ka 2 faqe nga 2 gjithësej
  2. Aquesta pagina es estada modificada pel darrièr còp lo 21 decembre de 2017 a 20.16. Drech d'autor: Los tèxtes son disponibles jos licéncia Creative Commons paternitat pertatge a l'identic; d'autras condicions se pòdon aplicar.Vejatz las condicions d'utilizacion per mai de detalhs, e mai los credits grafics. Wikipedia® es una marca depausada de la Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
  3. The funny thing about FAQ is that they are often published before people have even begun asking questions. So, they cannot really be frequently asked. Maybe they should rather be called strongly anticipated? Anyway, here you find a list of initial questions about Wikipedia to the Moon
  4. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about MediaWiki usage. If your question is neither answered here nor in the MediaWiki documentation, then please ask for help in our IRC channels or in the Support desk. Contents. Users often inquire about the Wikipedia sandboxes,.

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Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines describes how Wikipedia arrives at its policies and guidelines through a process of discussion and consensus. Discussion takes place in the various policy pages which form part of the Wikipedia: namespace. Sometimes policy is discussed off-wiki, but decisions always take place on-wiki The entire wiki with photo and video galleries for each articl Miscellaneous FAQ - Everything else. Specific FAQs. Forking FAQ - How to download Gpedia content and/or software and/or create derivative works of Gpedia. Book FAQ - About the Books extension. Categorization FAQ - Editor's guide to the Category feature. Categories FAQ - Readers' guide to categories. Template FAQ - About the Template.

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FAQ . FAQ . Accesso utente. Indirizzo e-mail * Password * Richiedi nuova password; Desideri registrare un nuovo account? Clicca qui per favore YouTube: Advanced FAQ - Wikipedia Notability Guidelines: Author: Art Feminism: Licensing . This video, screenshot or audio excerpt was originally uploaded on YouTube under a CC license. Their website states: YouTube allows users to mark their videos with a Creative Commons CC BY license

Wikipedia:Википедиатай холбоотой асуултууд - Википедиа төслийн талаархи ерөнхий асуулт, хариултууд, Wikipedia:Хэрэглээтэй холбоотой асуултууд - Википедиагийн өгүүллийг хэрхэн унших, хэрэглэх талаар This FAQ answers the most common questions about editing Wikipedia. For full help on editing articles, see the Help page, and these help articles: How to edit a page; How to start a new page. How to use talk pages, which are used to discuss how to improve articles. How to rename (move) a page. How to use redirect pages Wikipedia:FAQ Help FAQs Main More FAQ topics. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)... Wikipedia. Social Distancing Order In Force! Don't forget! that your welfare and that of all your friends and colleagues here is of primary concern and a distance of six feet (1.8m) minimum is required at all times

F.A.Q. (Ingliz tilidan Frequently Asked Question(s) — tez-tez beriladigan savollar so'zining bosh harflaridan olingan bo'lib, «fak», «fek», «feks», «ef-ey-kyu» kabi talaffuz qilinadi) - biror bir mavzuga doir tez-tez beriladigan savollar va ularga javoblar jamlanmasi hisoblanadi. Turli hil mavzularga bag'ishlangan ko'pgina FAQ lar mavjud. Ba'zi saytlar ularni tartibga soladi va. In tanti vi state interrogando sulle regole di convivenza da adottare nei confronti degli animali #difamiglia. Per rispondere, oltre ad aver attivato un numero speciale (f.nigri@lav.it - 06.4461325) ecco le nostre FAQ PER ORIENTARSI NELL'EMERGENZA #COVID201 This FAQ page addresses some concerns and questions readers may have about Wikipedia

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